Facebook Location Services Update for Android Users

Facebook has updated the location controls for Android devices to give users an additional option, offering similar options to those available on iOs devices. Prior to this update, if you shared Facebook location information on an Android device, your location information would be shared even when not using the app. Android users will now have the following 3 choices with respect to Location Services in the Facebook app:

  • Never: Your app can’t access your precise location
  • While Using: Your app can access your precise location while you’re using the app
  • Always: Your app can access your precise location even when you’re not using the app

Facebook has advised users that it is not changing user specified choices, nor does this update allow them to collect any new information. Users who have not enabled Location Services do not need to do anything, but Facebook requests that Android users who have enabled Location Services review their location settings to confirm their setting preference is correctly reflected.
Apparently the next major Android update, Android Q, is going to allow users location control settings similar to iOs “only while the app is in use”.