Remote Desktop Protocol (“RDP”) Alert

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the FBI and the DHS issued a Public Service Announcement on September 27th, which details increased exploitation of RDP in connection with malicious cyber activities. RDP is a proprietary network protocol developed by Microsoft that allows an individual to gain control of computer resources and data over the Internet. RDP provides total control over a remote machine, and intrusions can be difficult to detect. If not properly secured, RDP can be used to steal confidential/sensitive information, compromise identities, install backdoors or launching points for attacks and infect devices/systems with malware, including ransomware.  

To protect against RDP attacks, the FBI and the DHS offer the following recommendations:

  • Implement/require strong passwords and account lockout policies.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible.  For more information on NYU MFA, please see,
  • Keep systems and software fully updated/patched.
  • Limit network exposure for all control system devices.

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