Safe Travels with Mobile Device Security

Summertime and travel are around the corner! Please be reminded to safeguard your devices and information stored thereon when traveling. Remember that your mobile devices are personal computers and should be secured and safeguarded as such. For recommendations, please see the following blog post entitled Information Security Tips for Travel. The following are some supplemental recommendations:

Safe Charging

Avoid public charging stations at airports and hotels and avoid connecting your device to public computers. Once a mobile device is connected to a public computer or charging station it may be exposed to malware. Additionally, sensitive data on your device could be compromised once a device is connected to public systems.

Safe WiFi & Bluetooth Usage

To prevent your devices from auto-connecting to open networks, and to prevent unknown Bluetooth-enabled devices from connecting to your device, disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. Optionally, you can set your device to “Ask to Join Networks” so you can approve/select a WiFi connection. To safeguard your data and your transmissions, use of password protected WiFi networks is recommended. However, WiFi networks for which passwords are publicly displayed are not secure. Additionally, be sure to confirm both the name of the WiFi network and password with an employee/staff member of the organization before connecting. If you access accounts on an unfamiliar network, it is recommended that you later change the associated passwords using a secure personal device that is in your control.

Safe Transactions

Avoid online shopping, banking and conducting personal business when connected to public WiFi networks. Malicious actors can intercept network traffic and steal sensitive/confidential information. If you must perform a transaction or check an account balance, it’s recommended that you turn off WiFi and use your device’s cellular data internet connection. Additionally, only transact on secure sites, sites that begin with “https://”.  

Safeguard Your Devices

Protect yourself from shoulder surfing by using screen guards on your devices. Make sure that your devices are always in your sight or your your grasp as device theft is a common occurrence. Please be reminded that the theft of any NYU provided mobile device must be reported to NYU Public Safety.

Happy travels!