Ransomware Reminder

With the return of newer strains of the Locky malware, ransomware remains a top threat for all computer users. Ransomware is malicious software that usually arrives via email with subjects such as “please print” or “document”. When the user clicks the attachment, a script runs to download additional software which encrypts the user’s hard drive, as well as any attached drives.

Even if the malware has different names or uses different attachments, the steps you take to protect the data entrusted to you are the same. Take this opportunity to review the resources we have available, starting with our  Connect article on Ransomware scams here, as well the alerts on ransomware in the NYU IT Security News & Alerts Blog below. If you have questions, please feel free to send email to security@nyu.edu



New Ransomware Alert “Petya” https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2017/06/28/new-ransomware-alert-petya/

WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, and Wanna Decryptor) Malware/Ransomware https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2017/05/16/update-5162017-re-wannacry-also-known-as-wannacrypt-wanacrypt0r-2-0-and-wanna-decryptor-malwareransomware/

New Ransomware exploits MS vulnerability, spreading quickly https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2017/05/12/new-ransomware-exploits-ms-vulnerability-spreading-quickly/

Locky/Osiris Ransomware Alert https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2016/12/07/lockyosiris-ransomware-alert/

Locky Ransomware Spreading via JavaScript (.js) Attachments https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2016/03/29/locky-ransomware-spreading-via-javascript-js-attachments/

Locky Ransomware Alert https://wp.nyu.edu/itsecurity/2016/02/19/locky-ransomware-alert/

The Return of Locky https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/the-return-of-locky-a-closer-look-at-2017s-largest-malware-campaign/