Pharos Printer Software Vulnerability

Due to a vulnerability, all Mac OSX users should update their Pharos Uniprint software to version 9.0.8 asap.  Pharos software is used to manage remote printing, and if you run Mac OSX and print to NYU IT facilities or other facilities which utilize Pharos, you will need to update.  If in doubt, please see the following KBase article on Print Station locations.

The vulnerability addressed by the update allows a hacker to send a malicious packet to a machine running the software and the malicious packet could result in buffer overflow and thereby give root access to the hacker. In other words, the hacker could remotely attack your machine and take control of it.

Pharos software may be updated directly from the NYU IT Licensed Software page (see the “NYU Print Service” section) or from the vendor support page.  For first time installers, please install from the NYU IT Licensed Software page as an initial install from this location installs the needed components and the printer object.  A version update can be successfully accomplished via the NYU IT Licensed Software page or the vendor support page.