Recent Phishing Attempt Purporting to be from NYU Google Drive

Please be aware of the following phishing attempt purporting to be from NYU Google Drive:

Screenshot showing message purporting to be a dile sharing message from Google Docs saying [masked name] has invited you to edit the following document "WTE 3 paper" with a clickable link beneath the name.

Although the embedded link contains familiar elements, please be reminded of the following:

  • Hover over embedded links to see (at the bottom left of your screen) where the link will take you if clicked. In this instance, the link is spoofed, and actually goes to:
  • If you are not expecting to receive a file share or attachment, please phone the sender to confirm the legitimacy of  the message before opening attachments or clicking any embedded links.

For more information on these types of phishing attempts, please see the following two posts from earlier in the year: Recent Phishing Emails Claiming to be from File Sharing Services and Phishing Attempt Purporting to Originate from Adobe Acrobat Cloud/Adobe Acrobat DC.