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Symantec Anti-Virus Engine Vulnerability

A security advisory has been issued with respect to Symantec Endpoint Protection, all builds. Specifically, Symantec’s AVE is susceptible to a memory access using a malicious link or file, or thru accessing a malicious website. No user interaction is required, beyond clicking a malicious link, opening a malicious attachment, or visiting a malicious site. The most common symptom of a successful exploitation is an immediate system crash.

This issue been addressed by Symantec via LiveUpdate, dated 5/16/2016. We recommend that all users of Symantec Anti-Virus software run LiveUpdate immediately. Those who are centrally managed (if in doubt, please contact your local IT Admin), can be set to run LiveUpdate automatically. To perform a manual update, instructions follow:

Access LiveUpdate in the product (the following screenshot/example is from a MAC OS X):

Screenshot showing LiveUpdate on the Menu bar, and clicking this option gives users the option to click on "Open LiveUpdate"

Run LiveUpdate until all available updates are downloaded/installed.

For more information, please see: https://www.symantec.com/security_response/securityupdates/detail.jsp?fid=security_advisory&pvid=security_advisory&year=&suid=20160516_00