Magic Windows Week 03 – Ground Planes

For this weeks learning I went in to the ground planes feature in the Vuforia Unity library.

This feature, which is native in unity, allows the user to use Vuforia plug-in to detect real world floors using the Vuforia AR Camera and to use the information captured to emulate planes in unity and to interact in space, similar to apple’s ARkit feature.

To test out and to learn how the feature works I took Rene Magritte’s painting from 1956, ‘Sixteenth of September’.

Growing from the earth to the sun, a tree is an image of certain happiness. To perceive this image we must be immobile like the tree. When we are moving, it is the tree which becomes the spectator. It is witness, equally, in the shape of chairs, tables and doors, to the more or less agitated spectacle of our life. The tree, having become a coffin, disappears into the earth. And when it is transformed into fire, it vanishes into air.”

I find this quote by the artist interesting, lovely and a bit sad. he talks about points of view and movement (through time and space), which I think correlates to the subject of our class.

In continuation to my previous exercise, working with Magritte’s painting, I created an AR translation to this piece.

Firstly, I took a 3D model from turbosquid that a close resemblance to the paintings tree, modified it and then imported it into unity as a .FBX file. Than, I colored the textures  in photoshop and placed the textures on the tree and its leaves. 

Secondly, for the moon part I placed a 2D sprite on the scene and attached a look at code to it, making the illusion that it is always on the same place no matter  which angle the user is at the moment.


Morning de·brief

Morning de·brief is a proposal for an augmented reality experience. like a lot of us, my alarm clock is my phone, and as someone who’s family and friends are in opposite time zones, I start every morning (after waking up to my alarm) on my phone to catching up with messages, emails, news etc that was sent during their day – my night. This experience of reading content just as I wake up is something I rather not do, for all sorts of reasons.

A typical morning on my phone:

For the first assignment I wondered what would solve this problem of facing the phone and its content every morning. Morning de·brief takes the nights notifications and displays them on in relevance on a time line.