Morning de·brief

Morning de·brief is a proposal for an augmented reality experience. like a lot of us, my alarm clock is my phone, and as someone who’s family and friends are in opposite time zones, I start every morning (after waking up to my alarm) on my phone to catching up with messages, emails, news etc that was sent during their day – my night. This experience of reading content just as I wake up is something I rather not do, for all sorts of reasons.

A typical morning on my phone:

For the first assignment I wondered what would solve this problem of facing the phone and its content every morning. Morning de·brief takes the nights notifications and displays them on in relevance on a time line.





Our minds cannot grasp anything that’s not derived from the way we process reality through our senses. As humans, we see, touch, smell, taste and hear our reality – it is everything we’ve got. If we wish to tell meaningful stories, as artist, we need to find our most expressive tools and techniques to try and create the story that touches the core of what it’s like to be a human on all our senses. Not only to see, but to hear and touch and communicate a deeper meaning to the experience.

Our mediums are broken and can only contain few elements of our sensable reality. To work in moving image, which is one of the most expressive art forms that combine movement through time of images and sound, means to be deprived from smell, touch, and taste. To record music, most of times, means to hold back on visualizing sounds to ones listeners. It is only in the last century, out of hundreds of years of expressing ourselves through art, that we are starting to mix between the senses through technology and to express ideas and narratives with a goal of bridging gaps of these holes in our perception.

In my work I seek to incorporate and mix more senses and bring aspects of the physical into the digital and vice versa. A synesthesia of the senses in order to from a connection to the experience in ways that are unique and expressive to the subject. I want to find new ways in which different methodologies complement and enrich each other when mixed together. Our senses are not yet accustomed to technology, building new experiences that would define our behavior with technology.


Live Image Processing – 1st week

As I picked up my phone to start recording videos to 2nd week’s class I wanted to take use of the slow motion feature in the phone. I like this effect and i find it interesting how its transforming scenes that might come as banal, it kind of shows them in a different light, sort of the same as blowing up a picture and magnifying it to a large scale – to me this action brings out a different context to the image.

Another thing I wanted to do is to try and displace and distort, or transform the image in an analog way. I used a magnifying glass on top of the phone lens and moved it as I shot some videos. This resulted in distortion to the digital image that have an analog look/feel.

For most of the frames,  I shot at dark places or at night focusing on high contrast between really dark and bright lights. 

Some videos can be found here: