Magic Windows – Object Augmentation

Moving to the states to start school involved packing all my stuff and sending it on a plane. My wife and I had the luxury of taking a few furnitures with us as had a small budget for shipment. We took clothes, obviously, a few books, furnitures, our two cats and our vinyl records collection, among other stuff. What we didn’t take was our record player. We thought we will buy a used one once we got here. that didn’t happen.

So now there are a few boxes filled with records, sitting unused in our apartment. Those records hold memories, of our past years, of our childhood and our culture. They are special to us, but we cant use them to do what they are intended to do – play music.

This got me thinking about reusing our records in a different way, use their visual content, which holds a lot of their appeal to us, as the material to augment and enrich them in a different way, to get the memories alive and to maybe experience them in a different light.

I chose one record dear to my heat – 100 first songs. This is a really popular children’s record in Israel that most kids from the 70′ till now grew up on it’s songs. Its beautiful cover was illustrated by israeli illustrator Kariel Gardosh.


For this project, I took the illustration of the cover and played with it in photoshop (cutting and masking the illustration) and unity to build an augmented animation on top of the record itself. Using Vuforia, I placed the Illustration on the record and got the record’s songs playing as it animates through. 

This is just a demonstration of how we could start using the visual content and the audio on the physical object using AR, the possibilities to explore are limitless. 

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