DWD Final Class proposal – Multiplayer Browser Sequencer [temp name]


I would like to build a multiplayer audio visual musical experience in the browser. I imagine an experience where people with different devices produce sounds and musical patterns to create a musical piece that might find its place in the same room, sonically, but not necessarily. 


My goal is to create a browser based sequencer that is controlled with UI/Physical gestures from the player. The player will create sequences of sounds (percussive and melodic) using a digital device and will be able to see and hear other sounds emitting from other players that are connected to the app. The player would be able to edit other players patterns on the sequencer but with specific rules restrictions, having a gamification element to the experience.


  • Build a Java script sequencer.
  • Implement Tone.js for gestured driven sounds (click length – tone,  accelerometer information etc).
  • Node.js, MongoDB, Socket.io to manage session information between users. 

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