Live Image Processing – 1st week

As I picked up my phone to start recording videos to 2nd week’s class I wanted to take use of the slow motion feature in the phone. I like this effect and i find it interesting how its transforming scenes that might come as banal, it kind of shows them in a different light, sort of the same as blowing up a picture and magnifying it to a large scale – to me this action brings out a different context to the image.

Another thing I wanted to do is to try and displace and distort, or transform the image in an analog way. I used a magnifying glass on top of the phone lens and moved it as I shot some videos. This resulted in distortion to the digital image that have an analog look/feel.

For most of the frames,  I shot at dark places or at night focusing on high contrast between really dark and bright lights. 

Some videos can be found here:

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