Halloween trick part2


As Hadar and I broke down the ghost project into practical steps – we soon realized it will be an extensive project which emphasizes the craft side, therefore we went on another round of ideation.
‘Shadow Party’ – an interactive shadow play especially for Halloween. As the traditional shadow puppetry, ‘Shadow Party’ holds a main storyline – a friendly skeleton, returns from the world beyond to share one last dance with his living love (accompanied of course by a bunch of bats, talking pumpkins, and a spooky moon…)

The user is invited to control the dance movements and explore the surprising elements in the scene. As a prototype, we laser cut a skeleton figure and created moving joints, in order to explore the movement and shadows using servo motors and LED lights.

For the finished piece, we imagine a full scene behind a round screen, where every part is controlled by the user. There are some puppetry techniques we haven’t yet explored, this week will be dedicated to movement exploration and the magic of light and shadow.
Itay & Hadar 

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