The Digital Studio provides instructional media and technology specialists to assist instructors through the content creation process and application of video vignettes (around 3-5 minutes) to support teaching and learning. The modules are produced in the Digital Studio, located on the 5th floor of Bobst Library in New York, the Center for Digital Scholarship in the NYU Abu Dhabi Library in Abu Dhabi, and in the NYU Florence Digital Studio in Florence.

The process includes five easy steps that focuses on identifying learning objectives, instructional design techniques, and storyboarding to diminish lengthy post-production workflows. Faculty can now deliver video content to their students on the same day it is produced.





Introduction and Content Analysis

Learn about the five-step process for creating an Instructional Video Module. Identify and analyze a enhancement or gap that most appropriately fits this type of instruction and develop learning goals and objectives.

Instructional Design: StoryBoard

Once a learning goal is determined, start building content for a three to seven minute Instructional Video Module. Identify any applications and follow the guidelines to determine the best way to assemble enhanced learning goals. 


Practice, practice, practice… Review, review, review. This step is designed for instructors to get a sense of what an actual recording entails and what needs to be reviewed and adjusted to create the most effective Instructional Video Module for their course. 

Video Recording

  Record the Instructional Video Module. Instructors will have the option to upload or record directly into a video streaming application and integrate into their course.  

Feedback and Assessment

  This key step in the process helps to determine the success of an Instructional Video Module. Identify what changes or enhancements need to be made for the next iterations.