Flipping Physics
Professor Mincer had taught his course, Quarks to Cosmos, for several years and noticed that some aspects of it needed to be improved. One day, in the middle of lecture, he asked his students a series of questions to see if they understood certain concepts. As he began to unravel their responses he realized that they had lost him early on in the lecture. 

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In Class Experience, Online
Steven Menges has a good feel for technology due to his years of experience in the software industry, but he wasn’t sure if it was possible to make an online class experience be as thorough and interactive as the in-classroom experience. One of the challenges he had to consider was how students would interact and provide feedback to each other in an online environment.

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Transitioning Face-to-Face course to Fully Online
Rich Brown is an adjunct instructor at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. His nonprofit career spans over 30 years as a fundraiser, manager, and teacher. Based on the needs of the program, Professor Brown was given the task of redesigning his face-to-face Fundraising and Concepts course with a 3 month window, to provide it fully online to a larger audience.

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Re-Designing Pediatric Dentistry’s Curriculum

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry was having issues with large class sizes (almost 400 dental students per year), combined with only one multiple choice final assessment. This made it difficult to determine if students were prepared to serve families once they reached their clinical training. The faculty decided to take action and engaged with the Digital Studio team to help with their desire to improve student engagement and success.

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Collaborative Effort of The Department of Italian Studies

In Italian Studies courses, only Italian is spoken, and grammar structures are presented implicitly — embedded in realistic-communicative contexts. The department felt, however, that students could also benefit from a further interactive review, this time in English.

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Dr. Brenner’s Pre-Lab Videos

Dr. Eric Brenner’s Principles of Biology Lab is a huge course with 400 students. Dr. Brenner noticed issues around student engagement and lack of pre-lab knowledge. The Digital Studio team worked with Dr. Brenner to create a series of pre-lab videos. This new approach helped increase student engagement and in-lab effectiveness.

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The Online Experience with John O’Malley

John O’Malley wanted to bring the same level of student engagement and passion from his face-to-face course to the online version. As an instructor he felt the need to stay current with the latest technology and pedagogies to enhance his course. One of Mr. O’Malley’s main concerns was how to ensure the students feel a sense of connection online.

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