Women in MIR (WiMIR) Session

Hosts: Blair Kaneshiro, Anja Volk, Emilia Gómez

Women in MIR (WiMIR) is a group of people in the MIR community dedicated to promoting the role of, and increasing opportunities for, women in the field. We meet to network, share information, and discuss in an informal setting the goal of building a community that supports women – and more broadly, diversity – in the field of MIR.

WiMIR has held annual meetings at the ISMIR conference since 2012, garnering a high turnout of both female and male attendees. For the first time in 2016, WiMIR has organized a mentoring program connecting female students, postdocs, and early-stage researchers to more senior females and male allies in the field, and has also received substantial financial support which enables more female researchers to attend the ISMIR conference.

For this year’s WiMIR session, we will begin with a short overview of the group, recognize WiMIR sponsors, and report on disbursement of WiMIR funding. We will next summarize and discuss the initial offering of the WiMIR mentoring program. The final component of the session will be devoted to discussion of proposed initiatives to further support women in the field; broadening the scope of diversity in MIR and inclusion of other underrepresented groups; and expanding university-level initiatives.