The complete ISMIR 2016 proceedings can be downloaded as a single PDF here.

The interactive ISMIR 2016 proceedings including preface, proceedings, individual papers, author index, committee & reviewers, and partners can be downloaded here (download, unzip, and open index.html).

Finally, a list of all papers published in ISMIR 2016 (with links to the PDFs) is provided below:

Oral session 1: Mixed

SiMPle: Assessing Music Similarity Using Subsequences Joins
Diego Silva, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Gustavo Batista and Eamonn Keogh
Score-Informed Identification of Missing and Extra Notes in Piano Recordings
Sebastian Ewert, Siying Wang, Meinard Mueller and Mark Sandler
Feature Learning for Chord Recognition: The Deep Chroma Extractor
Filip Korzeniowski and Gerhard Widmer
Learning to Pinpoint Singing Voice from Weakly Labeled Examples
Jan Schlüter

Poster session 1

A Corpus of Annotated Irish Traditional Dance Music Recordings: Design and Benchmark Evaluations
Pierre Beauguitte, Bryan Duggan and John Kelleher
Adaptive Frequency Neural Networks for Dynamic Pulse and Metre Perception
Andrew Lambert, Tillman Weyde and Newton Armstrong
An Evaluation Framework and Case Study for Rhythmic Concatenative Synthesis
Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Perfecto Herrera and Sergi Jordà
An Ontology for Audio Features
Alo Allik, György Fazekas and Mark Sandler
Analysis and Classification of Phonation Modes In Singing
Daniel Stoller and Simon Dixon
Analysis of Vocal Imitations of Pitch Trajectories
Jiajie Dai and Simon Dixon
Automatic Music Recommendation Systems: Do Demographic, Profiling, and Contextual Features Improve Their Performance?
Gabriel Vigliensoni and Ichiro Fujinaga
Automatic Outlier Detection in Music Genre Datasets
Yen-Cheng Lu, Chih-Wei Wu, Alexander Lerch and Chang-Tien Lu
AVA: An Interactive System for Visual and Quantitative Analyses of Vibrato and Portamento Performance Styles
Luwei Yang, Khalid Z. Rajab and Elaine Chew
Composer Recognition Based on 2D-Filtered Piano-Rolls
Gissel Velarde, Tillman Weyde, Carlos Cancino Chacón, David Meredith and Maarten Grachten
Conversations with Expert Users in Music Retrieval and Research Challenges for Creative MIR
Kristina Andersen and Peter Knees
Downbeat Tracking Using Beat Synchronous Features with Recurrent Neural Networks
Florian Krebs, Sebastian Böck, Matthias Dorfer and Gerhard Widmer
Enhancing Cover Song Identification with Hierarchical Rank Aggregation
Julien Osmalskyj, Marc Van Droogenbroeck and Jean-Jacques Embrechts
Ensemble: A Hybrid Human-Machine System for Generating Melody Scores from Audio
Tim Tse, Justin Salamon, Alex Williams, Helga Jiang and Edith Law
Exploring Customer Reviews for Music Genre Classification and Evolutionary Studies
Sergio Oramas, Luis Espinosa-Anke, Aonghus Lawlor, Xavier Serra and Horacio Saggion
Further Steps Towards a Standard Testbed for Optical Music Recognition
Jan Hajič jr., Jiří Novotný, Pavel Pecina and Jaroslav Pokorný
Improving Voice Separation by Better Connecting Contigs
Nicolas Guiomard-Kagan, Mathieu Giraud, Richard Groult and Florence Levé
Integer Programming Formulation of the Problem of Generating Milton Babbitt’s All-Partition Arrays
Tsubasa Tanaka, Brian Bemman and David Meredith
Integration and Quality Assessment of Heterogeneous Chord Sequences Using Data Fusion
Hendrik Vincent Koops, W. Bas de Haas, Dimitrios Bountouridis and Anja Volk
Landmark-Based Audio Fingerprinting for DJ Mix Monitoring
Reinhard Sonnleitner, Andreas Arzt and Gerhard Widmer
Learning and Visualizing Music Specifications Using Pattern Graphs
Rafael Valle, Daniel J. Fremont, Ilge Akkaya, Alexandre Donzé, Adrian Freed and Sanjit A. Seshia
Listen To Me – Don’t Listen To Me: What Communities of Critics Tell Us About Music
Ben Fields and Christophe Rhodes
Long-Term Reverberation Modeling for Under-Determined Audio Source Separation with Application to Vocal Melody Extraction
Romain Hennequin and François Rigaud
Nonnegative Tensor Factorization with Frequency Modulation Cues for Blind Audio Source Separation
Elliot Creager, Noah Stein, Roland Badeau and Philippe Depalle
On Drum Playing Technique Detection in Polyphonic Mixtures
Chih-Wei Wu and Alexander Lerch
Predicting Missing Music Components with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
I-Ting Liu and Richard Randall
Structural Segmentation and Visualization of Sitar and Sarod Concert Audio
Vinutha T. P., Suryanarayana Sankagiri, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli and Preeti Rao
Template-Based Vibrato Analysis in Complex Music Signals
Jonathan Driedger, Stefan Balke, Sebastian Ewert and Meinard Mueller
Towards Evaluating Multiple Predominant Melody Annotations in Jazz Recordings
Stefan Balke, Jonathan Driedger, Jakob Abesser, Christian Dittmar and Meinard Mueller

Oral session 2: Rhythm

Joint Beat and Downbeat Tracking with Recurrent Neural Networks
Sebastian Böck, Florian Krebs and Gerhard Widmer
Bayesian Meter Tracking on Learned Signal Representations
Andre Holzapfel and Thomas Grill
Tempo Estimation for Music Loops and a Simple Confidence Measure
Frederic Font and Xavier Serra
Brain Beats: Tempo Extraction from EEG Data
Sebastian Stober, Thomas Praetzlich and Meinard Mueller

Oral session 3: Users

A Plan for Sustainable MIR Evaluation
Brian McFee, Eric Humphrey and Julián Urbano
Go with the Flow: When Listeners Use Music as Technology
Andrew Demetriou, Martha Larson and Cynthia C. S. Liem
A Look at the Cloud from Both Sides Now: An Analysis of Cloud Music Service Usage
Jin Ha Lee, Yea-Seul Kim and Chris Hubbles

Poster session 2

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Chords, Pitches, and Spectrograms for Multipitch Analysis
Yuta Ojima, Eita Nakamura, Katsutoshi Itoyama and Kazuyoshi Yoshii
A Higher-Dimensional Expansion of Affective Norms for English Terms for Music Tagging
Michele Buccoli, Massimiliano Zanoni, György Fazekas, Augusto Sarti and Mark Sandler
A Latent Representation of Users, Sessions, and Songs for Listening Behavior Analysis
Chia-Hao Chung, Jing-Kai Lou and Homer Chen
A Methodology for Quality Assessment in Collaborative Score Libraries
Vincent Besson, Marco Gurrieri, Philippe Rigaux, Alice Tacaille and Virginie Thion
Aligned Hierarchies: A Multi-Scale Structure-Based Representation for Music-Based Data Streams
Katherine M. Kinnaird
Analysing Scattering-Based Music Content Analysis Systems: Where’s the Music?
Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra, Bob L. Sturm and Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
Beat Tracking with a Cepstroid Invariant Neural Network
Anders Elowsson
Bootstrapping a System for Phoneme Recognition and Keyword Spotting in Unaccompanied Singing
Anna Kruspe
Can Microblogs Predict Music Charts? An Analysis of the Relationship Between #Nowplaying Tweets and Music Charts
Eva Zangerle, Martin Pichl, Benedikt Hupfauf and Günther Specht
Cross Task Study on MIREX Recent Results: An Index for Evolution Measurement and Some Stagnation Hypotheses
Ricardo Scholz, Geber Ramalho and Giordano Cabral
Cross-Collection Evaluation for Music Classification Tasks
Dmitry Bogdanov, Alastair Porter, Perfecto Herrera and Xavier Serra
Downbeat Detection with Conditional Random Fields and Deep Learned Features
Simon Durand and Slim Essid
Exploiting Frequency, Periodicity and Harmonicity Using Advanced Time-Frequency Concentration Techniques for Multipitch Estimation of Choir and Symphony
Li Su, Tsung-Ying Chuang and Yi-Hsuan Yang
Genre Ontology Learning: Comparing Curated with Crowd-Sourced Ontologies
Hendrik Schreiber
Genre Specific Dictionaries for Harmonic/Percussive Source Separation
Clément Laroche, Hélène Papadopoulos, Matthieu Kowalski and Gaël Richard A Framework to Explore Goodness in Instrumental Sounds
Giuseppe Bandiera, Oriol Romani Picas and Xavier Serra
Improving Predictions of Derived Viewpoints in Multiple Viewpoints Systems
Thomas Hedges and Geraint Wiggins
Known Artist Live Song ID: A Hashprint Approach
TJ Tsai, Thomas Praetzlich and Meinard Mueller
Learning Temporal Features Using a Deep Neural Network and its Application to Music Genre Classification
Il-Young Jeong and Kyogu Lee
Meter Detection in Symbolic Music Using Inner Metric Analysis
W. Bas de Haas and Anja Volk
Minimax Viterbi Algorithm for HMM-Based Guitar Fingering Decision
Gen Hori and Shigeki Sagayama
Mixtape: Direction-Based Navigation in Large Media Collections
Joao Paulo V. Cardoso, Luciana Fujii Pontello, Pedro H. F. Holanda, Bruno Guilherme, Olga Goussevskaia and Ana Paula Couto da Silva
Musical Note Estimation for F0 Trajectories of Singing Voices Based on a Bayesian Semi-Beat-Synchronous HMM
Ryo Nishikimi, Eita Nakamura, Katsutoshi Itoyama and Kazuyoshi Yoshii
On the Evaluation of Rhythmic and Melodic Descriptors for Music Similarity
Maria Panteli and Simon Dixon
On the Potential of Simple Framewise Approaches to Piano Transcription
Rainer Kelz, Matthias Dorfer, Filip Korzeniowski, Sebastian Böck, Andreas Arzt and Gerhard Widmer
Phrase-Level Audio Segmentation of Jazz Improvisations Informed by Symbolic Data
Jeff Gregorio and Youngmoo Kim
Revisiting Priorities: Improving MIR Evaluation Practices
Bob L. Sturm
Simultaneous Separation and Segmentation in Layered Music
Prem Seetharaman and Bryan Pardo
Towards Modeling and Decomposing Loop-Based Electronic Music
Patricio López-Serrano, Christian Dittmar, Jonathan Driedger and Meinard Mueller
Two (Note) Heads Are Better Than One: Pen-Based Multimodal Interaction with Music Scores
Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, David Rizo and Jose M. Iñesta

Oral session 4: Musicologies

Analyzing Measure Annotations for Western Classical Music Recordings
Christof Weiß, Vlora Arifi-Müller, Thomas Prätzlich, Rainer Kleinertz and Meinard Mueller
Instrumental Idiom in the 16th Century: Embellishment Patterns in Arrangements of Vocal Music
David Lewis, Tim Crawford and Daniel Müllensiefen
The Sousta Corpus: Beat-Informed Automatic Transcription of Traditional Dance Tunes
Andre Holzapfel and Emmanouil Benetos
Learning a Feature Space for Similarity in World Music
Maria Panteli, Emmanouil Benetos and Simon Dixon

Oral session 5: Structure

Systematic Exploration of Computational Music Structure Research
Oriol Nieto and Juan Pablo Bello
Using Priors to Improve Estimates of Music Structure
Jordan Smith and Masataka Goto
Music Structural Segmentation Across Genres with Gammatone Features
Mi Tian and Mark Sandler

Poster session 3

A Comparison of Melody Extraction Methods Based on Source-Filter Modelling
Juan J. Bosch, Rachel M. Bittner, Justin Salamon and Emilia Gómez
An Analysis of Agreement in Classical Music Perception and its Relationship to Listener Characteristics
Markus Schedl, Hamid Eghbal-Zadeh, Emilia Gómez and Marko Tkalcic
An Attack/Decay Model for Piano Transcription
Tian Cheng, Matthias Mauch, Emmanouil Benetos and Simon Dixon
Automatic Drum Transcription Using Bi-Directional Recurrent Neural Networks
Carl Southall, Ryan Stables and Jason Hockman
Automatic Practice Logging: Introduction, Dataset & Preliminary Study
R. Michael Winters, Siddharth Gururani and Alexander Lerch
Data-Driven Exploration of Melodic Structure in Hindustani Music
Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Sankalp Gulati, Xavier Serra and Preeti Rao
Deep Convolutional Networks on the Pitch Spiral For Music Instrument Recognition
Vincent Lostanlen and Carmine Emanuele Cella
DTV-Based Melody Cutting for DTW-Based Melody Search and Indexing in QbH Systems
Bartlomiej Stasiak
Elucidating User Behavior in Music Services Through Persona and Gender
John Fuller, Lauren Hubener, Yea-Seul Kim and Jin Ha Lee
Exploring the Latent Structure of Collaborations in Music Recordings: A Case Study in Jazz
Nazareno Andrade and Flavio Figueiredo
Global Properties of Expert and Algorithmic Hierarchical Music Analyses
Phillip Kirlin
Human-Interactive Optical Music Recognition
Liang Chen, Erik Stolterman and Christopher Raphael
I Said it First: Topological Analysis of Lyrical Influence Networks
Jack Atherton and Blair Kaneshiro
Impact of Music on Decision Making in Quantitative Tasks
Elad Liebman, Peter Stone and Corey White
Interactive Scores in Classical Music Production
Simon Waloschek, Axel Berndt, Benjamin W. Bohl and Aristotelis Hadjakos
Jazz Ensemble Expressive Performance Modeling
Helena Bantulà, Sergio Giraldo and Rafael Ramírez
Mining Musical Traits of Social Functions in Native American Music
Daniel Shanahan, Kerstin Neubarth and Darrell Conklin
Mining Online Music Listening Trajectories
Flavio Figueiredo, Bruno Ribeiro, Christos Faloutsos, Nazareno Andrade and Jussara M. Almeida
Musical Typicality: How Many Similar Songs Exist?
Tomoyasu Nakano, Daichi Mochihashi, Kazuyoshi Yoshii and Masataka Goto
MusicDB: A Platform for Longitudinal Music Analytics
Jeremy Hyrkas and Bill Howe
Noise Robust Music Artist Recognition Using I-Vector Features
Hamid Eghbal-zadeh and Gerhard Widmer
On the Use of Note Onsets for Improved Lyrics-To-Audio Alignment in Turkish Makam Music
Georgi Dzhambazov, Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Sertan Sentürk and Xavier Serra
Querying XML Score Databases: XQuery is not Enough!
Raphael Fournier-S’niehotta, Philippe Rigaux and Nicolas Travers
Recurrent Neural Networks for Drum Transcription
Richard Vogl, Matthias Dorfer and Peter Knees
Singing Voice Melody Transcription Using Deep Neural Networks
François Rigaud and Mathieu Radenen
Sparse Coding Based Music Genre Classification Using Spectro-Temporal Modulations
Kai-Chun Hsu, Chih-Shan Lin and Tai-Shih Chi
Time-Delayed Melody Surfaces for Rāga Recognition
Sankalp Gulati, Joan Serrà, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Sertan Şentürk and Xavier Serra
Transcribing Human Piano Performances into Music Notation
Andrea Cogliati, David Temperley and Zhiyao Duan
WiMIR: An Informetric Study On Women Authors In ISMIR
Xiao Hu, Kahyun Choi, Jin Ha Lee, Audrey Laplante, Yun Hao, Sally Jo Cunningham and J. Stephen Downie

Oral session 6: Symbolic

Automatic Melodic Reduction Using a Supervised Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar
Ryan Groves
A Neural Greedy Model for Voice Separation in Symbolic Music
Patrick Gray and Razvan Bunescu
Towards Score Following In Sheet Music Images
Matthias Dorfer, Andreas Arzt and Gerhard Widmer
Extracting Ground-Truth Information from MIDI Files: A MIDIfesto
Colin Raffel and Daniel Ellis

Oral session 7: Deep-learning

Automatic Tagging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Keunwoo Choi, György Fazekas and Mark Sandler
A Hybrid Gaussian-HMM-Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Chord Estimation with Very Large Vocabulary
Junqi Deng and Yu-Kwong Kwok
Melody Extraction on Vocal Segments Using Multi-Column Deep Neural Networks
Sangeun Kum, Changheun Oh and Juhan Nam