Papers can be submitted via: Please be sure to read the submission requirements. Submissions that deviate from any of the requirements will be automatically rejected.

Notice: The Word template has been updated (May 23rd). Please be sure to use this updated template for your Camera-Ready Submission (for the LaTex template no change is required). The changes are:

  1. Updated copyright notice to be the 17th conference (as opposed to the 16th conference)
  2. Changed the top margin to be 2.0cm instead of 2.5cm.

Paper Submission requirements

  • Length (6+1 pages) – This year’s ISMIR will continue the (6+1)-page length policy used for ISMIR 2015. Each paper may have a maximum of six pages of technical content (including figures and possible references) plus one additional page containing only references.
  • Templates – The paper must be submitted in PDF format using either the ISMIR 2016 LaTex or Word template packages. You MAY NOT manipulate the style files in any way.
  • File size – 2MB is the maximum files size. Please compress images and figures as necessary before submitting.
  • Originality – Papers must be original contributions. They cannot have been published elsewhere nor currently submitted for publication anywhere else. All relevant work, including direct quotations from your own work, should be cited.
  • Submission method – Your formatted paper must be submitted via
  • Anonymity – ISMIR reviews are double blind; that is, authors and reviewers will be anonymous to each other. For the initial submission, please keep the author list from appearing in the text. Likewise, make any self-citations in the third person, although self-citations should be kept to a minimum.

Submissions that deviate from any of the above requirements will be automatically rejected

Deadline Extension

There will be NO EXTENSION to the paper submission deadline (March 18th). However, authors of registered papers on March 18th will be allowed to upload new versions of their papers (in PDF format) until March 25th (23h59 American Samoa timezone). No other changes will be possible (i.e. authors will not be able to change title, abstract, authors, keywords/topics, or other metadata). No submission of new papers will be possible after March 18th.

Reviewing Process

In order to ensure the quality of the published papers at the conference, all the submitted papers are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • novelty
  • scholarly/scientific quality
  • appropriateness of topic
  • importance
  • readability and paper organization

The reviewing workflow follows a two-tier model, i.e. with one level of “regular” reviewers, and another level of “meta-reviewers”. All the papers are examined by, at least, three reviewers.

Accepted Papers

Notifications of acceptance will be sent on May 13th.

Accepted papers must be presented at the conference by one of the authors and, at least, one of the authors must register before the deadline given for author registration (June 3rd). Failure to register before the deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of your paper from the conference proceedings and program.

Camera-Ready Submissions

  • Submit your camera-ready paper in PDF format using either the ISMIR 2016 LaTex or Word template packages (please note the Word template was updated on May 23rd)
  • Please note that for Word template users, the authors will need to insert the appropriate author name(s) and the title of paper inside the copyright notice.
  • Submit your formatted camera-ready paper via (left column “For Authors”)