I recently received my PhD from the Department of Linguistics at NYU and am working as a Language Engineer for Amazon Alexa in Cambridge, MA.

My research interests include sociolinguistic variation, language contact, language maintenance, and language change. I address these broad areas by studying the factors that constrain variation in contemporary spoken Yiddish (in the Hasidic and Yiddishist communities). I am also interested in computational methods (e.g., the use of online corpora) and in syntactic theory and analysis, especially the mechanisms that account for optionality and variation. My advisor at NYU was Gregory R. Guy.


– PhD in Linguistics, New York University, 2018
– MA in Linguistics, New York University, 2016
– MSt in Yiddish Studies, University of Oxford, 2013
– BA in Linguistics and Comparative Literature, Stanford University, 2012
   – Davis School of Russian, Middlebury College (Summer 2012)
   – Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Summer & Fall 2010)
   – Vilnius Yiddish Institute, Vilnius University, Lithuania (Summer 2007)

Outside the department

The New York Working Group on Jewish Orthodoxies, a working group for social scientists engaged in research on Orthodox Jewish communities (I am a founding co-organizer with Ayala Fader)

Leyenzal – A Yiddish Literacy Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that commissions original Yiddish-language video lectures about Yiddish literature, which can be downloaded for free along with the texts being discussed


Geminator, an IPA-based spinoff of the viral game 2048, in turn based on Threes.