This website accompanies the book How To See The World (Pelican, 2015). The book introduces the field of visual culture by connecting the major changes in visual media to changes in the way we see the world.

There are so many visual media in the world no one could ever see them all. One trillion photographs were taken in 2014 alone. 700 million Snap Chat photos are posted every single day. And so on.

My claim is that these media are one way in which we try to make sense of the rapidly changing world. There’s a new global majority. It is aged under thirty, lives in cities, and is connected to the Internet. And we are all threatened by the revolution in the planet’s climate.

The result is social change on a global scale.

On this site, there’s a blog that follows current developments.

Photo galleries illustrate the book.

There are extracts from the book. And News about what’s happening related to it.

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