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August 10, 2015

The website The Conversation publishes an article that uses the How To See The World framework to analyze the #BlackLivesMatter movement: “How Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter taught us not to look away.

And it was reposted by Time. And The New Republic.

Most readers were drawn by the post on truthout

The Conversation

July 31, 2015

The Saturday Paper, an Australian journal, publishes the most insightful review so far:

A recent story in The Monthly about the sex trade in the Philippines described “Hadrian’s Extension”, an impoverished area not far from Manila that even people living nearby had no idea existed: “Google Street View has never been down these laneways.”


This is remarkable in an age when it seems that there is nothing, from breakfasts to mass atrocities, that is not visually mapped and documented for public consumption. Police monitor citizens via CCTV cameras; citizens monitor police via smartphones. To be undocumented, undisplayed, un-Google-Mapped, such as the young sex workers of Hadrian’s Extension, is not to exist.


What remains unseen in our visually fixated world – and how we can learn to see the unseen – is one of the topics addressed in visual theorist Nicholas Mirzoeff’s stimulating new book, How to See the World.


July 10, 2015

My piece on visual activism and global visual culture in The Guardian. I called it “Welcome to the Snapchat Generation!” Some subeditor changed it to: “In 2014, we took 1 trillion photos: Welcome to our new visual culture.”



Good picture, though!


London, June 10 2015.

The London Review bookshop with a cheeky sense of humour!

The London Review bookshop with a cheeky sense of humour!

June 25, 2015

I lecture at Pérez Art Museum Miami on How To See Climate Change

June 23, 2015

A nice review in New Scientist (!) calls the book “dizzying and delightful”

June 11, 2015

How To See The World is a Top Ten selection for June from book nerd site Bookomi

June 6, 2015

Here’s a review in The Independent

Review from The Independent

Review from The Independent

June 4, 2015

My piece up at It’s Nice That, the design blog here

June 4, 2015

To mark the UK publication, a launch event at the Institute for Contemporary Art, London, with Jon Bird, Sonia Boyce, susan pui san lok and Nadja Millner-Larsen.

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