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// First of all – A thousand thanks to Aaron Parsekian.

 I have shown the NYSCI connected world installation video many times to many people in an attempt to explain the connection between Design – Technology – Education. Therefore, when I had the chance to see the installation this week at the maker faire I was quite excited.

After five minutes in the installation, I must admit – I was a bit disappointed. In the car on the way back we tried to analyze how can we use the term “disappointment” for something so remarkable? 

We came to two conclusions. First – The installation required a preliminary explanation, which makes the thrill of discovery fades before it even began. Second – and I think most important – the feedback wasn’t satisfying. The set, colors, size, dynamic animation – all create a positive anticipation. And rightly so, this technology is still new and intriguing. But even after one managed to perform the right movements, the visual feedback just wasn’t enough. I walked around to listen to other people reactions and it all sounded the same.

The loop which captures a user in a game (I believe game mechanics should be used in many interactions in our every-day life) is the Action – Reaction one. Once the reaction doesn’t fit or rise above the effort the action required, the interaction becomes frustrating, boring, or in this case – disappointing.

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