What is interaction?

1 // how would you define physical interaction? What makes for good physical interaction? Are there works from others that you would say are good examples of digital technology that are not interactive?

What’s common to both Crawford’s definition and Victor’s rant is the demand from the audience to play an active role and from the digital creation to use human physical possibilities and senses in their fullness.

perhaps the physical interaction definition lies in the positive tension between the creation and the audience – while stretching those flexible boundaries to a point where it’s not clear who nurture whom.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the question was Inbal pinto and avshalom pollak dance company which makes an inspiring use of digital and physical technology in their shows (It is likely I was still influenced by Crawford’s saying:”Just how much time does an actor have to listen to the audience, consider its mood, and modify his performance to better satisfy the audience?”). He has a point. although Pinto & Pollak are an advanced and virtuoso dance company, the performance stays within the stage boundaries – the content therein is packed, closed, and ready to serve once the audience arrives and the lights go out. And therefore – not interactive. 🐊