#6 Landslide

✨ NASA Global Landslide Catalog

What began as a floating field of poppies soon became a dark game – and I must admit that although I found the possibility of using the holy triangle of illustration, data and dark humor appealing, shortly after I wrote the code and illustrated the landmonster and the ducks, I felt that this is definitely not an appropriate use of data.

Growing up in Jerusalem in difficult times and serving the army have exposed me to hard situations and death was around most of the time. I have developed a good sense of humor and an ability to talk about complex situations through humor. I think I’m onto something here with this small game – a new way address topics using a new tool in my toolbox.

That said – since I’m aware of the uncomfortable feeling that this small game might provoke, I’ll keep it to myself and think carefully how to use this new tool in a constructive and not destructive way.

 – – Please read the paragraph above first ☝🏼

** Landslides **

1. Use UPARROW and DOWNARROW to browse through landslides events around the world.
2. Chase and catch the running ducks before they leave the screen.

1. I don’t use the online editor – It looks, feels and works better on full screen.
2. Still missing:
// Keep ducks in screen
// If ducks = 0 —> Level up
// Draw rain


– H.

#4 H.SkiFree .01

H.SkiFree Is definitely not ready.

Elements are represented by text, there is no winning or losing mechanism, the monster doesn’t follow the skier –But this might be the first week where I planned in advance, wrote all, understood all, and it feels wonderful. I’ll keep on working on it for the weeks to follow. Decoding the game mechanism by rewriting it is such a rewarding experience 💥⛷

Here it is.

+ I wanted to imagine the end when I started, so I illustrated the monster gif:

– H.


Draw a face

This week I’ve learned the most basic and therefore important lesson in Pcomp – I should learn how to plan in advance.

I started with a wish to run a dynamo using a motor, after a day of learning how to run a motor / Plan gears / Laser cutting / Using a battery – turned out the motor was weaker than needed in order to spin the dynamo. With my affection to illustration and a bit sense of humor – I built the ‘Draw a face!’ Simple, yet working.

Must say,
I am beginning to develop a fondness for the profession.

Garbage Speaker

The garbage speaker!

A Bluetooth speaker, Which can take any piece of junk and turn it into a resonance box. (It came out really nice. I should make better documentation – maybe a video. I’ll work on it.)




#3 YOU vs. UBU ROI

⚡️ YOU vs. UBU ROI ⚡️

Brandon and I made our own work – 48 hours later, we set together (laughed, cried, he shared his salad with me) and came with a nice shared result. The most significant thing I learned this week is about the flexibility of code. it almost seems as if nothing is final and everything is possible at any point, which is quite a liberating concept.

🐊 My work is Here.

🐊🐊 Our work is Here.