1 // how computation applies to my interests?

The ability to transmute data into relevant knowledge fascinates me. Using technological capabilities as a tool to obtain valuable information is something I am familiar with from my military service at the intelligence unit.

For the past few years, I mainly seek to examine the relationship between design, pedagogy, and education. I am a member of a pedagogical team which is establishing a specialized public school in Israel for students with disabilities alongside their nondisabled peers, in a practice known as inclusion. This led me to search for innovative learning and teaching methods – after two years I can say with confidence that my knowledge covers only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m an Illustrator, I read a lot and have a nice sense of humor – my way of learning is by trying things I believe will trigger a positive reaction. Once I find the right ground to experiment and let go of all worries, no matter in which field – doors to different kinds of knowledge I didn’t even know exist reveal themselves and there is no greater pleasure.🐊

Assignment No.1