FIN – Concept and thoughts

In one sentence:
I wish to build a b&w game, controlled by small physical particles. It will be a combined project for Pcomp and ICM, where the physical controller complements and creates a visually intriguing game experience.

I’ve tested the concept on Tuesday at Pcomp class  (Jeff Feddersen’s class) using lentils and Post-It notes, and it was a fascinating experience. The reactions were really positive, questions arose about the game mechanics – I built the experiment as a mission game, now I’m not sure it’s the right one…

1. Which kind of game mechanics fit with the way users interact with the particles controller? (mission \ puzzle \ creation etc.)
2. Where do I start? I need to plan the game in such a way that I can manage to build it eventually (I’m a slow code writer).



1. Brian Rea
2. Velocity by Karolina Glusiec
3. chronemics
4. frankensim

– H.