Fin #3 – BOM, timeline and a system diagram.

After flipping in my mind the game and the controller and then the game again – I understood that if my core value is ‘Zero frustration, maximum magic’ and that the player can never go wrong, the interaction should be simple.

I put on my hat, gloves, and coat – and walked toward MAD museum for the sonic arcade exhibition. the concept is simple: touch-sensitive surfaces with light and sound feedback that creates a mini playground for adults.

In order to keep:
1. Zero frustration
2. Instant feedback
3. The lentils tactile

The controller will measure the player left and right movements using two ultrasonic sensors in the bottom left and right of the box. the character will move according to the particles moving on the top fabric.

Game mechanic: a storyline which progresses on a horizontal line – requiring a left and right movement (much like this beautiful example).

The LED strip will provide the player hints and a sense of connection to the projection.

The finalists:

And as the old saying goes: The next controller will be better 🙃

– H.