Accessibility [ Lighthouse ]

I dived into Lighthouse, an open-source automated tool for improving the quality of web pages which you can run as a Chrome extension.

Lighthouse generates a report – one of the aspects being examined is accessibility. I ran the test on a few websites, just to get the sense of what is the average result. I believe we should try this also together in class (even just for the performance aspect of the automated report generated in a self-running chrome window).

As mentioned at the report “These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web app. Only a subset of accessibility issues can be automatically detected so manual testing is also encouraged.” (the link directs the user to accessibility principles and practices document).

It’s interesting to see how this test reflects the priority of web developers & designers – most of the websites I checked received a perfect score for SEO, but did very poorly in the accessibility section.

In conclusion, I was a bit skeptic regarding the ability of the average user to contribute to the accessibility effort – but turns out there is a lot of support and resources, at least in making the first steps towards a truly equal internet access for all.

Nice ⚑️

– H.