#1 Data Art – Asia Population

Gridded Population of Asia
Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) Columbia University

Here it is.
And here is my code βš‘️

I’ve made a simpler version of the heatmap for last semester ‘Impossible Maps’ class with Mimi Onuoha. It required a lot of preparation since the table originally included lots of information which wasn’t neccecery for my purposes.

Among other information, the dataset from 2016 included the size of the Asian country population (by region) in the year 2000 and a prediction for 2020. for the heatmap, I used those two columns and layered them for easy comparison. 


For the second one (which is just an experiment in creating a small unconventional interactive data visualization) all I wanted was the growth by percentage. I did some excel work in advance for easier calculation.

Blue = Population size at the year 2000 (/ 30000)
Yellow = The increase by 2020

Not sure that’s the best way to represent data, I’m sure it’s not, but it’s interactive and soon enough the screen is crowded with colored particles.

Some screenshots from the process:

I don’t have a 3rd one for today.
– Hadar