#1 Bukowski

I’ve made a chrome extension, which every time you yawn – opens a new tab with a random quote by Charles Bukowski about Being Alone.

This is based on a chrome extension I wrote for Cory Forsyth class last semester. As always when trying to mash old code with new I ran into some difficulties. so I haven’t finished! here is some version of the extension, see text below. I’ll upload the finished one later today/tomorrow.

The thing I’m missing now is more privacy than I would like.
I would like to be alone more. Like the phone rings too often, there are too many cameras and all that and I kind of except it, but it’s not me. When these things are gone I go back to the room and I become myself again. Often times I pull down all the shades like I used to just lay down in a room for five or six hours just alone. Just lay in that bed and get something back some kind of juice. Just being away from people is one of the most marvelous fulfillments a man like me can have. Just absence of humanity is a fulfillments some graceful that even God would understand if he invented them, which he probably do.

– – –

– H.