‘Living in the suburbs’ – a 3D printed Tabletop game

🚗 🌿

The box went throw an improvement process that hasn’t arrived yet to the end result I imagined. The ratio between the game parts and the game board, and between the box and the parts is not optimal. The transition from slits to circles on the board was an excellent moment, the next step is to model the parts correctly and with the tooth to allow them to stick to the board.

Garbage Speaker

The garbage speaker!

A Bluetooth speaker, Which can take any piece of junk and turn it into a resonance box. (It came out really nice. I should make better documentation – maybe a video. I’ll work on it.)




Week #1

Questions // How to use boolean, Scale & Organic shapes.

Once I realized I’ll learn more by planing what is it that I want to create, instead of allowing random shapes to occur by chance – I looked around to search for an interesting ratio between objects using the 3’x3’x3′ limitation.

🌱 👁 ⚡️
What if I can make a self-watering garden –
using this bottle as a water source?


Since I’m a 2D person, some sketches, and a few compromises later:
a 3’x3’x3′ self-watering small garden.