#6 Landslide

✨ NASA Global Landslide Catalog

What began as a floating field of poppies soon became a dark game – and I must admit that although I found the possibility of using the holy triangle of illustration, data and dark humor appealing, shortly after I wrote the code and illustrated the landmonster and the ducks, I felt that this is definitely not an appropriate use of data.

Growing up in Jerusalem in difficult times and serving the army have exposed me to hard situations and death was around most of the time. I have developed a good sense of humor and an ability to talk about complex situations through humor. I think I’m onto something here with this small game – a new way address topics using a new tool in my toolbox.

That said – since I’m aware of the uncomfortable feeling that this small game might provoke, I’ll keep it to myself and think carefully how to use this new tool in a constructive and not destructive way.

 – – Please read the paragraph above first ☝🏼

** Landslides **

1. Use UPARROW and DOWNARROW to browse through landslides events around the world.
2. Chase and catch the running ducks before they leave the screen.

1. I don’t use the online editor – It looks, feels and works better on full screen.
2. Still missing:
// Keep ducks in screen
// If ducks = 0 —> Level up
// Draw rain


– H.