#5 Materials and fasteners

For the Pcomp final, I made 3 illustrated sculptures, activated by light.

The original enclosures were supposed to be fully wooden with an aluminum plate top – a wonderful material – I sanded it with fine sandpaper, drilled in it, super easy super nice… ⚡️

After cutting the first two sides with the miter saw (how would have imagined me feeling comfortable with that) I quickly understood that since I need the flexibility that will enable me to repair the sensors and motors that will surely fail – the box cannot be made entirely of wood.

And that’s when the beautiful combination of cardboard and wood sewn with a thick cotton thread sparked.

The visual language of the enclosures worked well and complimented my illustrations.

Wood found outside in the dumpster
Cardboard from the shelf
Cotton thread I found on the floor
3 aluminum plates
$ 8.76


– H.