#2 Multiples of something

I’ve made 5 Necklaces which are also pins, and 7 smaller pins.

I broke the process into small steps, which worked for the necklaces – but when I tried to switch steps 1 and 2 for the pins it turned out it was easier that way.

1. Laser etch the pin holes
2. Cutting circles using the Drill Press
3. Slicing the circles using the Band Saw
4. Sanding
5. Drilling
6. Oiling the wood
7. Gluing the pins
8. Thread a necklace
9. Done.

The difficulties I encountered were that the pins that came in the mail did not match the measurements that were registered on the site, and – it turns out – it׳s really hard to drill an exact hole from one side to the other.

The process in pics:

I must say – I’ve learned a lot. The Necklaces took a full day, and when I wanted to challenge myself again into making 5 things that are really the same, the pins took 3 hours.

+ It was my first time using a saw and a drill… ⚡️⚡️

Lessons for the next time:
1. If it requires precision (like the pin hole), I’ll wait until I have all the pieces and then I’ll measure.
2. It was nice to divide the process into doing one small thing every day.
3. Enjoying the process and revisiting my idea often were key ingredients.

– H.