cropped-logo1-1.jpgThe Peer to Peer: Challenging Extremism initiative provides an opportunity for students worldwide to develop and share innovative solutions to counter the narrative of violent extremists.

Voices of New York_RESOLVE, the NYU campaign, aims to address the potential recruitment of youth, 18 to 25, in prison, recently released from prison, and in local Manhattan and the Bronx neighborhoods by gangs, ISIS members, and white supremacists as well as the radicalization that may ensue as a result of this recruitment. By engaging with the NYU and local communities the P2P campaign raises awareness of this most pressing concern in the policy debate as expressed in the 2016 presidential campaign. Our target audience is at-risk youth and civic-minded individuals, young people of voting age, as they can identify with the aspirations of the vulnerable groups that are recruited by youth gangs and extremist groups. The curriculum taking shape is aimed at vulnerable youth who the New York City Department of Probation has identified as most needing reintegration into the American society.