The Peer-To-Peer initiative, under the auspicious of Facebook, the U.S. Department of State and EdVenture Partners, invites the participating teams to think creatively of ways to counter current violent extremists. Through the use of digital technologies the participants are encouraged to research, plan and execute a project that empowers positive alternative narratives, models, and pathways that advocates for their targeted cause.

Students competing in this unique program are challenged to consider how they might counter the current messaging, narratives and digital technologies being used by violent extremists in ways that educate and empower others to take action. The primary objective is to design, pilot, implement, and measure the success of a social or digital initiative, product or tool that a) motivates or empowers students to become involved in countering violent extremism, b) catalyzes other students to create their own initiatives, products, or tools to counter violent extremism, and c) builds a community of interest/network focused on living shared values that also counter violent extremism.