club-de-madridThe World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid is an independent non-profit organization composed of 92 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from over 60 different countries, constituting the world´s largest forum of former Heads of State and Government, who have come together to respond to growing demand for support among leaders in democratic leadership and governance. The World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid works to strengthen democratic institutions and to offer advice on the resolution of political conflicts in order to enhance development and improve the lives of those most in need.

Club de Madrid are tackling the issue of extremism and radicalization through numerous initiatives:

  • “Preventing Violent Extremism: Leaders Telling a Different Story” aims is to reinforce a response to radical messages by proposing a positive narrative based on tools from traditional media, social media and citizen journalism. This project project currently focuses on three countries: Tunisia, Lebanon and Nigeria, but will hopefully spread to Europe and the USA.
  • “Madrid + 10: Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism” project produced the Global Consensus document. The document is a set of principles and values aimed to be a benchmark, resource and source of inspiration to political leaders on how to respond to the challenge of extremist views.
  • Policy Dialogue in Madrid, featuring figures such as Ban Ki-Moon, Javier Solana, Sarah Sewall,  several former PM and Presidents and several experts. You can read all the information here, including speeches and videos.