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About The Contributors

Michael A Bukur  (Author)

Michael is a junior studying Media, Culture, and Communication. An avid runner and marathoner, you’ll often see him barreling down the street during an unplanned run-commute to avoid being late for class. Michael is currently interning for Virgin Sport while here in London, and he plans to continue his professional career in the running industry as well as his personal career as a runner when he returns to New York next fall to finish his degree. When he’s not dashing around the city, he enjoys drinking a hot cup of black coffee and consuming diverse media in an array of digital and analog formats to take the edge off of contemporary living.


Hafsa Ahmed (Author)

Hafsa is a sophomore from NYU in Abu Dhabi and an ardent enthusiast of all forms of punctuation, punctuality and just puns in general. When she’s not collecting postcards or playing table tennis (something she acknowledges she should be doing more of in London), you can find her soaking in the theater scene in the city and praising her roommate’s newfound cooking skills in a bid to get fed. Hafsa is very passionate about public health, awkward dancing, tea, spoken word and talking about herself in third person.


Jaenee Lee (Author)

Jaenee is a current sophomore majoring in Media, Culture, & Communications and double minoring in both psychology and business of entertainment, media, and technology. She is from Seoul, Korea and LA, California and can’t wait to take advantage of studying abroad in London as well as the opportunity to travel all over Europe. She loves adventures, fashion, and discovering new things.


Elle Lee (Author)

Elle is a current freshman hoping to major in MCC (media, culture, and communications) at Steinhardt. She is from Seattle, Washington. Elle has worked at Starbucks for the past couple years and loves coffee; she is always down to go check out new cafes and explore new areas. She is an avid photographer and videographer. If you want to check out more of her work check out her youtube channel.