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NYU London has no record of moped cellphone thefts

Written By: Diamond Naga Siu

At least four students have fallen victim to moped riders stealing their phones so far this semester, but there’s nowhere students can find that data. It’s not on the NYU London crime log available for viewing at Assistant Director for Student Life Nigel Freeman’s office or included in the daily crime log of the main campus.

“If the moped theft occurred [in] or directly adjacent to NYU property, then it would be included in the report, and if force was used in the course of the theft, the incident is classified [as] a robbery and included in the Annual Security Report and the crime log,” Freeman wrote in an email.

He continued: “If no force was used and the complainant noticed later that their phone was missing, then the incident is classified as a larceny and included on the crime log and not the report.”

The crime log Freeman keeps only includes incidents from the past 60 days, but moped cellphone thefts — dubbed by some students as “being moped” (with a long o sound) — do not make the cut for his log.

He is required to by the Clery Act to keep it, since the U.S. federal mandate requires “all colleges and universities participating in federal student aid programs to publish an annual security report that accurately discloses campus crime statistics and security information.”

Moped thefts just aren’t included, Freeman said.

“The Clery Act is very specific about what reported incidents are to be included, and that is determined both by the type of incident, and where the incident takes place,” Freeman wrote. “If the moped theft took place on the sidewalk, outside of the University’s defined Clery geography, then it is not included with Clery statistics.”

Plus, NYU’s awareness of crimes that happen to students — across all its global sites — is limited to what students report. NYU administrators must make an incident report of the reported crime, and it is then sent to the main campus Public Safety Office.

Though the university does not make mopings public information, there is a more circuitous way that students can learn about crimes that happen at NYU London.

The Police UK website has an interactive crime map, and locating 6 Bedford Square on the Bloomsbury crime map gives a general idea of all the crimes that happen nearby. NYU London’s crimes are listed as “crime on or near further/higher educational building,” though the map groups all crimes happening in the surrounding area, leaving it unclear which ones involved NYU students.

And deep into February, the map does not yet list January 2018 crimes, so students will have to wait indefinitely to learn about crimes in the surrounding areas. But in the meantime, make sure to keep your phones safe, since we — and the university — are not even sure how many students have been moped so far.


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