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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Art de Rue in Marseille

Written By: Hafsa Ahmed Anchored away in a timeless historical Southern quarter of France, Marseille is a bay of culture, traditional and modern alike. Delve deeper into the canvas of time-hallowed edifices like the Notre-Dame de la Garde or the hub that is Vieux Port, and

A Weekend in Florence

Written By: Kassidy McIntosh I step off the bus parked around the corner from the Santa Maria Novella train station, and suddenly a wave of deja-vu washes over me. It’s 3am, pouring rain, and neither of our phones have service. In any other city this would

Dublin: Sights to See

Written By: Soyoon Lee Slainté: A word commonly heard throughout the cobblestone streets of Dublin, it translates into the word, cheers! Dublin is a charming city filled with exquisite architecture, cozy neighborhoods and an abundant population of redheads. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Inspired by gothic architecture,

Best Instagram Fashion Inspo. Accounts

Written By: Hadley Goodman Instagram is, without a doubt, the app that I find myself perusing the most. I like to follow a bunch of accounts that produce a reasonable amount of content, so that I am neither flooded with posts (@highsnobiety), nor constantly refreshing

Budapest: Why You Should Go

By: Alycia MacCaull Last semester I had the privilege of traveling to Budapest, Hungary for part of my fall break, and immediately fell in love. Studying in Europe has given many of us the opportunity to travel to locations previously unattainable; a quick scan on