NYU Washington, DC Mounts Exhibit in Lobby to Commemorate Gilbert Baker

The Stonewall 50 commemoration at NYU Washington, DC, as part of New York University’s larger Stonewall 50 celebration, is displaying a protest banner created by flag designer Gilbert Baker. The banner has been used in rallies in New York City where it was carried by activists advocating for LGBTQ rights. 

In 1978, Gilbert was tasked with creating a flag at the request of Harvey Milk for a gay pride event. His creation of the rainbow flag would become a worldwide symbol, forever cementing his place and importance in helping to define the modern LGBTQ movement.
STOP THE HATE is a protest banner measuring fifty feet wide (the approximate measure of the width of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue), and has been used in Pride Marches and protest demonstrations in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Over the years, Gilbert created several such banners on the same scale, including ones emblazoned with DIGNITY (for the LGBTQ Catholic organization), GAYS AGAINST GUNS (for the New York City group of the same name that was formed in the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida in 2016), RISE AND RESIST, and DON’T BUY PUTIN’S LIES (which Gilbert and members of the activist group Queer Nation arranged to be secretly shipped to Moscow and displayed in the wake of Russian ‘ anti-gay propaganda’ laws at events leading up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics).STOP THE HATE and many of these other banners were proudly carried in a march from New York’s Stonewall Inn to the Christopher Street Piers after  Gilbert’s wake after his untimely death on March 31, 2017.