NYU Shanghai Hosts First MUN Conference

On Nov 4-5, NYU Shanghai hosted China’s first model UN conference recognized by the United Nations and endorsed by United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). Joining 14 NYUSH freshmen, 44 Chinese students, from 10 leading high schools from across the country gathered on the Pudong campus for the weekend-long, inaugural Model United Nations Conference (NYUSHMUNC17).

In her welcoming remarks, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Maria Montoya, speaking as a historian about the harmful effects of “contraction, nationalism, and anti-globalism”, called on delegates to embrace collaboration and globalism, and to apply critical thinking to their debates and to the exchange of ideas.

Under the banner theme of “China’s Global Emergence”, NYUSHMUNC17 organized its work in three distinct committees targeting different global issues, the economy, environment and international relations. Zhang Jun’an ‘20, Secretary General of NYUSHMUNC, said the conference aimed to serve as a catalyst for global connectivity and awareness of issues that affect the entire human race. “The committees echo the urgent call for addressing global warming, building a more efficient financial system and saving the environment unaffected by nuclear threats,” he said.

In the Model UN Security Council Committee, delegates representing the five permanent members — China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States — and other non-permanent members debated about the rising tensions posed by North Korea’s repeated nuclear tests. In the Model UN Environment Assembly, students searched for global strategies to cope with the challenges of multilateral collaboration on carbon reduction and the implementation of Paris Agreement.

In the Model UN’s forward-looking FinTech committee, delegates discussed the emerging blockchain technology and China’s role in leading the technological advancement of the global cybercurrency market. After rounds of intense diplomatic negotiation, the FinTech committee successfully submitted a draft resolution on the regulation of blockchain technology and worked for its approval.

Ding Yuhao ‘21, representing Ethiopia on the FinTech committee, said he was impressed by fellow delegates’ appreciation of cutting-edge technologies and their future potential. “It is an amazing experience to interact with peers with thoughtful insight on global issues,” he said.

Concluding the two-day diplomatic dialogue, nine participants were selected for Honorable Mentions, Outstanding Delegates, and Best Delegates for their strong leadership and diplomatic potentials.

The conference was sponsored by Huaxia Finance, V-Credit and UCB.