Global Art Daily to explore art as a tool of multicultural understanding

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Global Art Daily (GAD) is a new publication covering exhibitions of contemporary and historical art as well as art fair reports, artist interviews and feature articles about what Global Art means in our 21st century across the globe. You can access it at: Started by a student at NYU Abu Dhabi and looking to stay NYU-focused, GAD welcomes contributors from all over NYU’s global network to write 500-word articles about the visual arts in their current sites. The only requirement for publication is to be a full-time student of the NYU Global Network University. If interested, please email Sophie Arni ( for more information and to discuss article ideas.
Similar efforts exist elsewhere at NYU. For example, Mapping Contemporary Florence, is an ongoing collaborative project at NYU Florence. It can be seen at:
GAD, however, will be the first effort focusing on the visual arts across NYU’s global sites. GAD founder Sophie Arni welcomes contributions from students everywhere. Sophie’s global interest stems from her upbringing. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland and thanks to her father’s diplomat career, she lived in four different continents before she was 18 – an early international exposure which led to fashion her taste for the exotic as well as facing the inequalities of the current world political stage. The influence given by her mother, a teacher of Abstract Painting, led her to develop a passion for art and a succinct flair for Art History, a discipline she is currently studying at NYU Abu Dhabi. After her experience at NYU’s Washington Square campus, and after completing internships at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, the American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay in NYC and at Sotheby’s London offices, she founded Global Art Daily. The publication aims to cover global contemporary art making and viewing throughout the GNU. She is excited to see it grow and carries its mission to view art as a tool of multicultural understanding.
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