NYU Florence dialogue on refugees and the humanitarian response.

conference banne
On April 13, La Pietra Dialogues will host a special dialogue organized by NYU Florence student and GLS Junior Claudia Cereceda entitled Mare Nostrum, Mundus Noster | Our Sea, Our World: Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean and the Humanitarian Response. War, displacement, and economic instability are are driving larger numbers of people to abandon their homes in places like Syria, Eritrea, and Mali, and to seek refuge in Europe. This dialogue will explore the refugee crisis in Italy, Italian citizens┬┤ perceptions, and what efforts are being made by governmental agencies and NGOs in response. On Monday Claudia will be joined by Flavio Di Giacomo, Christopher Hein, and Beat Schuler of the International Organization for Migration, Italian Council for Refugees, and United High Commissioner for Refugees.

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