curriculum vitae

I am an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at New York University. My research focuses on the phonetic and phonological properties of phonotactic restrictions, primarily through experimental work with speakers of Cochabamba Quechua.

In one line of research, I explore the numerous phonotactic restrictions of Quechua through a range of experimental methodologies with native speakers, with a particular focus on uncovering asymmetries between different unattested structures. The goal of this work is to inform theories of representations (what units do phonotactic constraints refer to?) and theories of constraint induction (what constraints do people learn to account for unattested structures?).

In a second line of work with Maria Gouskova, we are developing a model of tier induction that can discover nonlocal phonological restrictions. Our goal is a model that (i) discovers that a tier is needed and what the appropriate tier is (ii) is robust to exceptions and accidental gaps and (iii) finds generalizations that hold only for a morphologically defined subset of the language (a sublexicon).