At your assigned registration appointment—June 3 at 2pm Eastern for all incoming first-year Gallatin students—you will be able to select the classes for which you wish to register from your shopping cart, then hit the “Enroll” option. If you receive an error message for any of your selections, you will be able to select alternate options from the shopping cart, and again hit “Enroll.”

A few important points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to register for a First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar and a First-Year Writing Seminar, both of which are required courses for all incoming Gallatin first-years. Keep in mind that these classes do not have waitlists: while you will be able to make changes, should space become available in a class that had been closed, you must, while you wait and see, register for an alternate possibility for the required courses.
  • If a class you were hoping to take is full but has a waitlist available, you should place yourself on the list, as things will continue to change in the lead up to the semester. That said, the waitlist offers no guarantees, and you should be officially enrolled in the number of units you intend to take in Fall 2019.
  • If you have placed yourself on a waitlist for a course while registering for an alternate course in the meantime, make sure to use the swap function to avoid being bypassed on the waitlist due to time conflicts or to exceeding credit limits.

After you have finished enrolling, you should confirm your registration by reviewing your final schedule: be sure to correct all registration mistakes before the first day of classes to avoid financial penalties.

  • Although you are enrolled in courses, the registration process is not complete until you pay your bill and are “financially cleared.” If you do not meet the payment deadline, you may be de-enrolled and lose your place in your classes.
  • To ensure that you are officially registered, view your Bursar Account in the “Finances” section of your Student Center and make payment by the deadline: the NYU tuition payment deadlines are listed on the Office of the Bursar’s website; in addition to payment information, please review the following financial resources also found on the Office of the Bursar’s site: Tuition and Fees; Electronic Billing; Tuition Payment The NYU Refund Policy.
  • Make sure to check your NYU email account on a regular basis to avoid missing important reminders and announcements from the Gallatin Office of Advising and Student Services, as well as communication from other NYU offices. (If you prefer to use a personal email account, make sure you set up mail forwarding, as you are responsible for knowing any and all information directed to your NYU address.)
  • Be sure to check the Gallatin Registration Calendar to remain informed of important deadlines throughout the semester.


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