In order to be paired with a Pre-Registration Adviser you must complete the Pre-Registration Interests Survey. Please make sure to complete the Survey—and give us a quick overview of your academic interests—by May 14 at 12pm Eastern Time. If you complete the Survey by the due date, you should expect to receive the name and contact information for your adviser on or around May 21. (Please keep in mind that not all faculty member are available to advise at this moment, and you may find that your Pre-Registration Adviser is not perfectly and exactly a match. Should that be the case, don’t panic. Much like Gallatin students, Gallatin faculty work interdisciplinarily: your adviser will help you think about how to best situate your interests in the context of the liberal arts and suggest departments across NYU for you to explore.)

Once you have had a chance to discuss your Fall 2019 plans with your Pre-Registration Adviser, you will need to complete the Advising Questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us understand your academic interests and allows us to start getting to know you. As such it is instrumental—crucial!—to matching you with an adviser. Please make sure to complete the Advising Questionnaire after submitting your Plan of Study and no later than June 7.

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