Petrushka Bazin Larsen


Petrushka Bazin Larsen is the former Program Director of The Laundromat Project and recently started as the Vice President of Programs and Education at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. I spoke to Petrushka about the LP, how the LP got connected with Kelly Street, and the relationship of art/youth to community development. 


A little bit of background on Petrushka:


How the LP has shaped her view of art:


On art and community development:

“Whether people that are not indoctrinated into the power of art realize it or not, things happen because of arts and culture; that’s how we set tastes and trends—artists is very powerful because they do many things, express many thoughts, and organize many people. So when you introduce that into a community, neighborhood, more localized setting then you are able to address many things through the use of arts and culture.”

“So I think for the two sort of reasons of accountability and also familiarity then it because a very powerful pairing when you are working in your own neighborhood.”


How the LP got connected with Kelly Street?


Importance of youth and art?:

“Art empowers us to learn what it is what we’re thinking; it prompts us to think deep and explain what it is infront of us, how it makes us feel, what it is we’re communicating, how it might connect to others. It’s a creative act, making things and doing things, and you learn by doing those actions—you learn about yourself, your weaknesses, your strengths, what the actions can do. You learn how to work with people.”


The changing art world?: