Jennifer “Hopey” Foster

Jennifer “Hopey” Foster is a lifetime Kelly Street resident, community leader, and unofficial neighborhood social coordinator, in charge of making sure everyone feels welcome and well fed! Above is a photo of her leading one of the bi-weekly Kelly Street community cooking classes. I talked to her about the history of the garden and the importance of cooking.


“The garden has always been a place where you can come together, talk, laugh; sometimes if we had problems we used to come sit down in the garden and talk to each other and stuff like that.”

“Cooking is important because a lot of times if you tell someone you are going have food, people will come out more. Even if people come just for the snacks once you get them in the door, sometimes you can get them to talk, open up, and relate to what’s going on.”


here is a blogpost that I wrote about Hopey’s cooking class for STORYBLOCK: