Ballet For All Kids

Name of Organization: Ballet For All Kids 

Ballet For All Kids is a truly unique non-profit dance studio. Our cooperative program makes classical ballet and other dance styles accessible using The Schlachte Method – a certified curriculum developed to accommodate all learning styles, body types, and abilities.

At Ballet For All Kids, we know everybody has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance a personal sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, many children cannot succeed in a traditional class setting and are thus excluded from the numbers benefits that dance classes offer. Our integral approach offers a less restrictive environment paired with individualized attention and support in order to help every student succeed.

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Organization Address:
ManhattanPearl Studios, 500 8th Ave (#411), New York, NY 10018

Long Island City: LICSB, 44-02-23rd Street (Studio B, Fl 2), Queens, NY 11101

Gowanus: Brooklyn Center Stage, 495 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact Name: Rebecca 

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Please specify dates of Internship: Present – Spring 2019 

Industry: Media & communicationnon-profit development, volunteer management, and visual/graphic arts

Preferred Academic Level: Undergraduate or Graduate 

Description of Internship: 

The positions are quite flexible and great opportunities for students looking for work experience in their field of study without having to make a large time commitment during the school year. We need motivated, passionate, and articulate students to help with media & communicationnon-profit development, volunteer management, and visual/graphic arts. These are unpaid positions but the time commitment is light – around 5-10 hrs/wk, mostly done remotely. We strive to make the internship a valuable experience; we give interns a lot of independence and flexibility, but also make sure they have some structure and mentor-ship that is catered to their specific interests. For example, if a media student is interested in effective communication skills, we brainstorm together about some projects that are helpful for both the student and non-profit.